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more than a year ago (and I disagreed then with almost all of his points, it seems neither of us has
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They’d had their successes and awards, but they had yet to leave a permanent mark on the high-end watch industry
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My first time in Santa Teresa I enjoyed the beautiful beaches, fell in love with the incredible sunsets and night sky, and let loose at the beachfront bars
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I’ve had migraines for years; typically they’ve been a quarterly occurrence, but at times I have a few months where I have a couple a week, usually without an aura
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“There’s nothing for you as a person to screw up,” said Aaron Hamlin, executive director of the Male Contraceptive Initiative
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This is the worst place you can be looking for comment wars
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Each precursor was deblocked (duVigneaud, supra) with sodium in liquid ammonia
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We will then try in a couple of weeks time to reduce it again but at a slower rate, reducing it by 0.25mg instead of 0.5mg per day
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If preserving a functioning government requires flip flopping, then Reid should do more of it
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